How to get dates in two dates fscalendar,swift 3

Question: How to get dates in two dates fscalendar,swift 3. for example: 08-10-2017 -> Start Date 08-15-2017 -> End Date ,, should be like this -> 08-10-2017 08-11-2017 08-12-2017 08-13-2017 08-14-2017 08-15-2017 ,,, I want to get ranges in two specific date, can someone help me out please. I tried to put these two dates to for loop but no chance. Answer: You need to create a calendar based dates, and start increasing start date until you reach end date. Here is a code snippet, how to do it:func showRange(between startDate: Date, and endDate: Date) { // Make sure startDate is smaller, than endDate guard startDate < endDate else { return } // Get the current calendar, i think in your case it should some fscalendar instance let calendar =…
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Final toolbar item icon not showing

Question: I am wrapping the Win32 toolbar. Everything works except that whenever the user of the wrapper class adds a separator, the last toolbar item's icon does not show. Consider this client code:toolbarBtn tbb[] = { toolbarBtn { ID_FILE_NEW, IDI_NEW }, sep { }, toolbarBtn { ID_EDIT_FIND, IDI_FIND }, toolbarBtn { ID_EDIT_UNDO, IDI_UNDO } }; this->tb = toolbar { *this, tbb, sizeof tbb / sizeof *tbb }; The toolbarBtn objects represent a toolbar button. The sep object is a separator, and inherits from class toolbarBtn. The following statement calls the constructor of the toolbar class, creating it. For this code, this is what I get as graphics output: As you can see by hover, the final button exists! But for a reason icon does not show, and the order is…
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