Import CSV file using function and rename data frame name – python 3.6

Question: I have 2/ more csv files in folder and I want to import those files to different data frame and want to rename data frame as per file name. import os import pandas as pd redShiftKeyFolderPath = r'D:Sunil_Worktemp8Prod_IMFIFSS2017' # contains 2 csv files i.e Prod_IMFIFSS2017_Indicator.csv & Prod_IMFIFSS2017_Location.csv def importRedshiftKeys(redShiftKeyFolderPath):for file in os.listdir(redShiftKeyFolderPath):if file.endswith('.csv'):redShiftKey = pd.read_csv(os.path.join(redShiftKeyFolderPath, file), dtype = object) # importing i = file.rfind('_'); file = file[i:]; rDfName = 'redShiftKey_' + file.replace('_', '').replace('.csv', '') # taking last part of the file name after _ & excluding .csv print('Need to rename dataframe as: ', rDfName) # Here i want to rename dataframe: "redShiftKey" with new name stored in "rDfName" return importRedshiftKeys(redShiftKeyFolderPath) I expect 2 data frame i.e redShiftKey_Indicator & redShiftKey_Location Answer: You can use a dictionary, where each key holds…
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