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I’m not a coder, and am planning my own app. My profile explains more. Basic question is whether a coder/developer is what I need, or a mathmatician/statistician, and how to know.

The app is basically a progress tracking app, and we need to create ONE progress graph, out of the data/answers to MULTIPLE questions. We have various questions to ask the user, some yes or no, some % values, and we would have two side by side progress graphs. One is unchanging – i.e. What your progress would be, best case scenario, based on following all instructions. The second is where you actually are on the progress graph based on what you’ve actually done (your answers to the questions).

My guess is that we need a math/stats/actuary person to help us with the initial math/database/values per answer and how to put it together, then the coder/developer would just have to understand all that data in order to code it to appear in the app. Is this right?

I’m sorry if it’s too vague, not sure how else to state it as my professional vocab and nomenclature knowledge is NOT in code/dev so I don’t know what words to use – its made google searches very unhelpful.

Thank you to anyone who gets it and can offer direction.


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