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Ive got ERD in visual paradigm and I want to generate postgreSQL database from it. When I try generate database Ive got error:
Fail to generate database due to no physical entity in the project. (Error Code: DB0001).

I already tried to synchronize ERD with class diagram, but it didnt help.

It looks like your ERD is either in Conceptual or Logical data model. In Visual Paradigm the generation of database is only apply to Physical data model. You can right click on the blank area of your ERD and select Open Specification, and then specify the Data model to Physical for generating database.

Or if you wish to keep your Conceptual/Logical ERD, you can then follow the video below about how to generate Physical ERD from your existing Conceptual/Logical ERD for generating database.

How to Generate Physical ERD from Conceptual ERD
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