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I am trying to create a readable report within excel that takes a monthly excel document when employees badge a specific RFID reader to be like a "sign in" type of output.

So if John Doe badges a reader between 11am to 1pm, it counts as 1. If John Doe badges that same reader between 4pm to 6pm, it counts as 1.

If John badges every Wednesday twice, at the end of a month with 4 Wednesdays, a total will show that he badged 8 times.

Below is the data straight from the report:

Occurrence Time                 Cardholder Name
2017-08-14 3:53:20 PM                 Doe, John
2017-08-14 3:53:23 PM                 Doe, John
2017-08-14 3:53:25 PM                 Doe, John
2017-08-14 3:53:26 PM                 Doe, John
2017-08-14 3:53:28 PM                 Doe, John
2017-08-14 3:53:49 PM                 Doe, John
2017-08-14 3:53:52 PM                 Doe, John
2017-08-14 3:53:56 PM                 Smith, Jane
2017-08-14 3:54:02 PM                 Smith, Jane
2017-08-14 3:54:05 PM                 Smith, Jane
2017-08-14 3:57:29 PM                 Doe, John

The Timestamp is 1 column, the name is in a second column.


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