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I am debugging a phing-based workflow and wish to see errors in detail. (An error is being sent to standard output when I run my phing-based migration script, but it is fairly minimal.)

The main file that seems to be prescribing phing behaviors is called migrate.xml, and I have checked in that file for any mention of the string "log" with no results. So I assume that phing is logging to whatever location it logs to by default. So far, I have looked in /var/log and found no file containing the string "phing."

So my question is this: Is there a default location for phing logs? A quick perusal of Google and the phing documentation has so far found nothing, but I’d be quite happy if it turned out that I missed something, in which case maybe this question helps someone else. A secondary question if we can’t answer the main question might be "how might one find the place where phing is sending log output?"

For what it’s worth, I found some output related to phing in my default php.log file, living in the /var/log directory.

But this probably isn’t everything I was looking for. Phing includes a -logfile option, which leads me to believe it can log more than what goes to the PHP log by default.
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