How do you render content from a CMS with React?

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My react app gets content from WordPress. The editors can add content to WP’s editor where they can style the text and format it.

How do I render this text on the client site with react?

So far I have tried using dangerouslySetInnerHTML, but the name suggests to me that I shouldn’t be using it – at least not very often, but all my content comes from WordPress.

So is there another way of rendering HTML strings in react?

You can use dangerouslySetInnerHTML, it is Reacts replacement for using innerHTML in the browser DOM. In general, setting HTML from code can be a bit risky because you can inadvertently expose your users to XSS attacks (cross-site scripting).

You can set HTML directly from React, but you type the dangerous* in the name (and pass an object with a __html) to remind yourself that it’s dangerous.

In your case, since the content comes from WP where authorized editors edit the content, it should be fine.
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