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I have a website which has some tables that are loaded into the page when you click on an HTML element. I need exactly this table to process my data further with automation.

The following is what I encountered:1. I open
2. I click on "investment tab" which has a js function attached
3. a get-request to is sent that replies with the table.
When I try to access directly, I receive an error 404 – not found
When I try to first access then /investment I also receive 404 – not found

-> has anyone an Idea on how to load the content?

here is the javascript that loads the table:click: function() {
var self = $(this);



left: -(100 * self.index()) + ‘%’

if (self.attr("id") == "investment-tab" && !self.hasClass("loaded")) {
url: window.location.href + "/investment"
, type: "get"
, success: function (response) {

$("#card-tabs-content ul").css("height","auto");


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