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I am trying to install Monogame on VS 2017 however the option on the installer for VS 2017 is greyed out, even though I have VS 2017 installed. I also have VS 2015 and VS 2010 however I am not sure if it is those that are causing a problem. The version of MonoGame is and I currently have the directory: C:UsersMY NAMEDocumentsVisual Studio 2017TemplatesProjectTemplatesVisual C#

Please help thanks

This problem often happens when your templates are in the wrong directory. The path you provided seems to be the right one tho.

Are your VS2015 templates in the C:UsersMY NAMEDocuments directory aswell ? If not, try to move your VS2017 templates to the same directory as your VS2015 templates.

If those two are both in C:UsersMY NAMEDocuments, look into DocumentsVisual Studio 2017TemplatesProjectTemplates and try to find the Visual C# folder. If it is missing add a new folder with this name and try again.
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