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Angular 1.X, 2.X & 4.X syllabus

(Angular 2.X and 4.X)How to open Angular 2 Source code.(Trailer)

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 1: – Modules,Components, ng-model & expressions.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 2 :- 1-way/2-way binding, interpolations, template binding, event binding & cloning.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 3 :- @Input, @Output & Eventemitters.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 4 :- Angular Component Life Cycle.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 5 :- Providers, Services and Dependency Injection.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 6:- SPA(Single Page Application) using Routing.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 7:- Validation using Angular forms.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 8:- Making HTTP POST calls to REST service (WebAPI) using Angular 2.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 9 :- Lazy loading using Angular 2.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 10 :- Use WebPack for Angular 2 application.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 11 :- Use VS Code Editor.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 12:- Migration Angular 2.X to Angular 4.X.

(Angular2.X and 4.X)Lab 13:- Auxiliary router outlet / Named router outlet.

(Angular 2.X and 4.X)Lab 14 :- PathLocation & HashLocation Strategy.

(Angular 2.X and 4.X)Lab 15 :- Using JQuery in Angular 2/4.

(Angular 2.X and 4.X)Lab 16 :- Pipes in Angular 2/4.

(Angular 1.X)Lab 1:- $scope, $rootscope, controller, models, expression & debugging.This is this video what your are seeing.(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 2 :- Digest Cycle, Watchers, One time, $watch and $apply. (Trailer) (Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 3:- Factory and Services (Trailer) (Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 4 :- Using $http service with WebAPI as back end.(Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 5 :- Custom Directives, Restrict and Isolation Scope.(Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 6:- Deferred and Promises.(Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 7 :- Angular Unit Testing using Jasmine.(Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 8 :- Implementing SPA using Angular Route and Angular UI Router.(Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 9:- Emit, BroadCast and On Events. (Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 10 :- Filters in AngularJS. (Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 11 :- JQuery with AngularJS.(Angular 1.5)
In this video we will discuss how we can use JQuery with AngularJS.

(Angular 1.X)Lab 12:- Dot Rule and Controller AS keyword(Trailer)(Angular 1.5)

(Angular 1.X)Lab 13:- Angular Provider (Constant, Values, Provider, Service and Decorator).(Angular 1.5)

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