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I’m working on a Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6 cluster with HBase 1.1.2 and Phoenix 4.7 installed.

I have a huge HBase table with lots of columns, where sometimes new columns are added if new data is added (data is added by HBase API’s Put mechanism).

Now I would like to use Phoenix for this table. I found this tutorial, that sais that I have to create a separate Phoenix view based on the HBase table structure:

Based on the tutorial I’d have to list all the column families and columns (! more than 1000 at the moment, and still increasing), that would be a lot of work and the view wouldn’t be up-to-date if new columns are added to the HBase table.

Now my questions here are:Does it make sense to use Phoenix for such huge tables, that also can change over the time?
Is there a way to create something like a "dynamic" Phoenix view that fits the HBase columns automatically?


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