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This is the first time I work with arrayObjects so maybe I didn’t understand it 100% but could you please explain me how to loop through them? This is my code
$this->plugins = new ArrayObject(array());
//just for testing…
$this->plugins->plugin1 = "plugin1";
$this->plugins->plugin2 = "plugin2";
$this->plugins->plugin3 = "plugin3";

foreach ($this->plugins as $plugin){
//never reached

$this->plugins->count() returns 0 and $this->plugins->getIterator()->valid(); returns false as well. What do I have to do?

You have gotten far but this is how it works
// You can already have an array like this
$array = array(‘Buck’,’Jerry’,’Tomas’);

$arrayObject = new ArrayObject($array);
// Add new element

// We are getting the iterator of the object
$iterator = $arrayObject->getIterator();

// Simple while loop
while ($iterator->valid()) {
echo $iterator->current() . "n";

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