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I’m trying to play video through QProcess (sadly QMediaPlayer still work poorly when it’s needed to play lot of files during one session and I have no time to learn vlc at the moment), but I need to stop playback at some moments. I’m trying to kill process at some moment, but it just continue to work and I don’t understand what am I doing wrong. Can someone help me please?

Launch code:process_ = new QProcess(this);
int screen_ = 2;
QString path_ = "D:\Movies\video.avi";
QString vlc_path = ""c:\Quest\VLC\VLCPortable.exe"";
QStringList arguments;
arguments<<"--qt-minimal-view"; arguments<<"--no-qt-fs-controller"; arguments<<"--qt-start-minimized"; arguments<start(vlc_path, arguments);

And finish code is just
process_->close();//->kill() and ->terminate() also won’t work.


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