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I don’t know why scrapy is doing this, but it happened two times in different places.

I think both times it was because I was trying to add the http: to an url.
item[‘product_link’] = urljoin(ABS_URL,”.join(item[‘product_link’]).replace(‘/’, ”).encode(‘utf-8’).strip())
ABS is adding the http: Also tried adding it there but I’m always getting 3 /// if I don’t add anything the item has only one /

That’s how urljoin works. If the base only contains scheme (and not any domain part), the result will contain triple slash:>>> urlparse.urljoin(‘http://’, ‘foo.html’)
>>> urlparse.urljoin(‘http:’, ‘foo.html’)
>>> urlparse.urljoin(‘http://foo’, ‘bar.html’)
From your code it looks like you use it to only add scheme to the formed product_link. In that case, simple concatenation would suffice:item[‘product_link’] = ‘http:’ + ”.join(item[‘product_link’]).replace(‘/’, ”).encode(‘utf-8’).strip()
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