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yesterday i tried the "spring rest-example" and im pretty sure it worked, but on a different pc it did not…just gives me a customized 404 from jetty.

so in the evening i tried it again on the first pc and for whatever reason maven updated a bunch of libraries when executing site:run and i got the same error message.

the pcs are different, but i believe its a library problem….how do you troubleshoot something like this?

since the code is pulling in jetty 6.1.25 which looks quite old according to the version information i tried to use a current one for it, this is my modified pom.xml org.eclipse.jetty

but it is ignored. i found these lines of code here 1 but now on a second look im not really sure if i need jetty-maven-plugin or jetty-server is the right software to use here…the maven descriptions are rather short. Any ideas?

In 2 it says that if you execute the goal jetty:run the jetty server will start and constantly check if your code is uptodate and refresh it if needed. sadly jetty:run throws this:java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: org.apache.juli.logging.Log: Provider org.eclipse.jetty.apache.jsp.JuliLog not a subtype
which seems to be some problem between tomcat-jdbc and jetty on a quick google search. also tomcat-jdbc is not mentioned when running dependency:tree [3]

so how do i get my project to use a current jetty to try if the error disappears or what would you do to solve this?

please remove the spaces in the link to open, thank you. [3] https :// bpaste.net /show/ 3f943e33827a


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