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swift client in CentOS7( bash [root@bogon ~]# pip2 show python-swiftclient Name: python-swiftclient Version: 2.7.0 Summary: OpenStack Object Storage API Client Library Home-page: http://www.openstack.org/ Author: OpenStack Author-email: openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org License: UNKNOWN Location: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages Requires: futures, six, requests
swift server in CentOS7( bash [root@bogon ~]# swift –version python-swiftclient 3.2.1.dev9

swift client login server ,and delete one .jpg file in the container "temporary".


[root@bogon ~]# swift -A -U admin:admin -K admin_pass list contract data mask_contract temporary
[root@bogon ~]# swift -A -U admin:admin -K 806huayuan list temporary | tail 9f2f8626-a2ad-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg a25ebf08-a2b0-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg a6cfc990-a2ad-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg a8732914-a216-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg a87cda6a-77f8-11e7-befe-1866daecc1a0.jpg ad186efc-a216-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg b255e2e6-a216-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg d1d010f2-0129-11e8-8cef-1866daecc1a0.jpg f779a1ea-a2ad-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg ff4fbf7e-aa70-11e7-bbe0-1866daecc1a0.jpg
[root@bogon ~]# swift -A -U admin:admin -K 806huayuan delete temporary ff4fbf7e-aa70-11e7-bbe0-1866daecc1a0.jpg Error Deleting: temporary/f779a1ea-a2ad-11e7-ad0b-1866daecc1a0.jpg: Object DELETE failed: 409 Conflict [first 60 chars of response] There was a conflict when trying t

Got it! The reason is that the timestamp assigned to the delete is earlier than the timestamp of the objects.

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