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I’ve created a macro that helps with a powerpoint presentation that needs to be updated every so often.

Rather than going into the visual basic editor and importing the macro each time I’d like to create a button in a separate presentation which will prompt the user to click on the presentation that the macro needs to work on. Similar to having an excel document with just a single button on it to work on a workbook.

A code I have that does something similar in excel (gets user to click on a sheet and activates and runs macro on sheet) is below.
Dim uiSheet As Worksheet

On Error Resume Next
Set uiSheet = Application.InputBox("Select a cell on the key sheet.", Type:=8).Parent
On Error GoTo 0

If uiSheet Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Cancelled"
ElseIf MsgBox("You Selected " & Chr(34) & uiSheet.Name & Chr(34) & ", Proceed?", vbOKCancel + vbQuestion, "Accept/Reject") = vbCancel Then
MsgBox "Cancelled"
Exit Sub
End If


I’d prefer to avoid creating an add-in so that the future users of the macro (which won’t always be me) will have it nice and super easy and won’t have to import the add-ins.

Or if someone has a better idea I’m all ears. How would YOU create a powerpoint macro that needs to run in a new presentation by a person who doesn’t know how to use the developer tab?


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