What is the difference in .embeddedframework.zip and .framework?

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I am attempting to extend some functionality to a plugin designed for use in Unreal Engine 4. Using the documentation available and reviewing the solution I’ve encountered something I do not understand and cannot figure out a way to research it.

In this plugin, the original developer has 2 different files *.embeddedframework.zip, in each of these files there are some binary files, module maps, and *.h files. These *.h files are able to include iOS modules.

I have been able to create .framework builds using Xcode, unfortunately, the do not seem to contain the same format as the *.embeddedframework.zip file.

I apologize for the vague question; I’m new to iOS and I’m quite stumped, any leads whatsoever would be appreciated! (code available on request but it’s really quite boilerplate)


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