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I am new in developing and new to Stack Overflow too. This is my first question. I’m stuck in a problem that I am describing below:$(document).ready(function() {
$(".header").click(function() {
if ($(".header-content").is(‘:visible’)) {
else {
I uploading images of my project.

first Image is when we load the page. Second images is when i click on second div named tracking

I want to write code for this functionality in which. 1. when I load the page all div with class header should be like same as in first image.

when i click on any area of any one of from thee div. the class named header-content should be display block initially it is set display:none in css.

when i click on other div except from open div it should closed the open div first and open the current div which was clicked.

and at last when i click on same div twice it should close that div.

I hope you can understand my problem now.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Your posted question already asked here so many times. So, use ask question only if you do not find what you’re looking for.

As from I get your question, you want to toggle .header-content classed element on click on .header. In case you can use Toggle function of jQuery. like below:$(document).ready(function(){
You can use duration of this toggle effect using parameter. Replace "slow" accordingly.
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