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I have created a Xamarin android app and a binding library which contains a JAR file (build action as embedded jar).

The app build successful after I add the binding library as reference. However when I call the function in the jar, the app shows no respond (black screen). It doesn’t throw any exception.

I try to debug in visual studio but when the line goes to the jar file (reach the line of the function in jar), it just disappear and I cannot find which line in the jar file goes wrong.

How can I debug in this situation?

Below is the code example, the BankCard is a class in the JAR file. The app does not respond after running mBankCard.CardReaderDetact function.
private BankCard mBankCard = new BankCard(Android.App.Application.Context);
byte[] respdata = new byte[100];
int[] resplen = new int[10];
public string cardreader()
var retvalue = mBankCard.CardReaderDetact(BankCard.CardTypeNormal, BankCard.CardNmodePicc, BankCard.CardReadPiccdetact, respdata, resplen, "app1");
return retvalue.ToString();
catch(Exception e)
return "something wrong";


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