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Data Migration

Data migration is the process that transfer data from one application to other application/platform.With our data migration service, we’re able to move all your old data out of existing databases into new, more comprehensive databases that better suit your needs. Our quality control team oversees the entire data migration process, and provides functional testing before and after a solution is delivered. Our services include:

  • Migration Evaluation – We look at the data migration plan and make sure the data will move correctly.
  • Migration Execution – Once the plan is in place, we will perfectly transfer all the converted code into the new database.
  • Project Handover – Finally, we will activate data access systems so that you can access and analyze your data.

Overall, our data migration and database development services are designed to save your company time and effort, and vastly improve your ROI.

Data Migration Steps

  • DATA ANALYSIS : We understand your problem and provide you with best solution to migrate your data.
  • DATA EXTRACT : We extract the data from the source so that further we can store and processed data.
  • DATA CLEAN : We detect and correct the inaccurate data.
  • DATA VALIDATE : We ensure that you works on clean, correct and useful data.
  • DATA LOAD : After removing all the inconsistent data we load the correct data.
  • DATA RECONCILE : We ensure consistency of data.

How data migration is done ?

  • After understanding and analyzing the configuration of application/software/service, extraction and cleaning of data is done.
  • We will test all the migration stages at unit level followed by entire migration.
  • In third step, we will implement migration in stages using suitable methodologies.
  • In fourth step, testing is done using a testing framework provided or created for the purpose.
  • Finally, in the last correct data is loaded on the application/software/service.


  • Our development team goal is to meet your company’s needs. We have competitive pricing and provide thorough assessments of your budgets, goals, and suitable technologies to easily build databases that will meet your needs in the short and long term.
  • Our services are flexible, and allow you to direct your resources to more important tasks while we build perfect databases and provide thorough data migration every step of the way. We also employ high level encryption methodologies to help keep your data safe, and have non-disclosure agreements and complete internal security in place so that your data is kept away from unauthorized individuals.
  • We transfer or rewrite the out-of-date data to current data in such a way that they are so easy to navigate along with security.
  • We can create and execute data migration and database development across platforms, including industry leaders like Oracle, IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Real time data processing
  • Zero Downtime
  • 99.9% Accuracy
  • Online / Offline mode available
  • Accurate Round-off Values
  • Reverse data process also available.
  • Multi Language Support.

Terms & Conditions

  • All business related information, document & credentials will be provided by client.
  • Progress alert/reports messages via Whatsapp / SMS / Email.
  • Automatic data backups.
  • Onsite / Offsite – Options also available.
  • Client has to pay extra charges for onsite delivery as per proposal.
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